Here you will find all of our extensive range of anti ageing, high-performance facials.
From enzyme, age reversal peels, to skin lifting and toning treatments.

Age Reversal Peel Treatment

Clinical strength skin peel treatment that diminishes fine lines and improves deep wrinkles.

Lightens and brightens, rejuvenates, hydrates and gives an overall radiance to the skin.

Providing a clear, glow complexion.

Incorporated with fruit enzymes, retinol, fruit acids, multi vitamin infusions and rehydrating treatment mask.

One Hour


Anti Ageing 

Enzyme Peel 


Designed to help purify, rebalance and heal the skin. Awakens the skin’s metabolism, stimulating it to clear away toxins and restore natural beauty and glow.

One Hour


GLY C Refine Peel Treatment

Glycolic Acid gently penetrates into the skin, promoting exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Improving skins texture, uneven skin tone, balances the skin and reduces visible fine lines and dehydration.

30 Minutes  



Facial Treatment

This treatment is a non abrasive skin refining treatment incorporating micro dermabrasion manual exfoliation, 15% glycolic peel and skin refining mask.


Giving the skin maximum exfoliation benefits, fantastic for reducing blemishes, blocked pores, oil flow, uneven skin tone, dry, dehydrated skin.


Allowing fresh, clear, new beautiful soft skin.

One Hour


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Hydra Lift Facial

The Skin Lift Fit Facial Treatment uses high frequency and galvanic current to contract the muscles in the face and neck.

To lift, tone, and firm the face and neck.

It's like a "workout" for your face and neck. Leaving instant lifting and toning results.

Improves deep wrinkles, fine lines, firms, tones and lifts the face and neck.

1.5 Hours


Firming Lift

Restructuring Facial

A highly active, skin restructuring treatment to help strengthen, protect, firm, tone, and condition the skin. 


This collagen stimulating treatment is ideal for skin that is showing signs of decline in firmness, hydration and elasticity levels. 

1.5 Hours


Iconic Purification

Marine Facial


A skin detoxifying treatment that helps the skin to purge blockages and waste.

This facial acts as a “mini sauna” to deep cleanse and stimulate the skin’s circulation.

One Hour


Clear Skin Facial

To deep cleanse, treat and manage acne conditions.


This treatment assets with the clearing of eruptions, pustules and the control of oil flow and acne. 

Includes Extractions and High Frequency 

One Hour


Balanced Beauty Upgrades

Anti Ageing Lymphatic

Eye Treatments 

Balanced Beauty Upgrades


- Firming Lift Eye Gel Mask with a Soothing Lymphatic Rose Quartz Roller 

- Relaxing Anti Ageing Eye Massage and Cooling Eye Gel Mask

15 Minutes



- Removing blocked, clogged pores (blackheads, pimples, white heads) in a hygienic, safe manner.

With damaging the skin.

- Milia Extractions - Removing white hard lumps with a sterile needle. 

15 Minutes

From $30


- GLY C Refine Peel

- Fruit Enzyme Peel

- Retinol Peel

5 Minutes

From $35


- Hyaluronic Acid Skin Recovery Mask 

- Age Reversal Enzyme & Vitamin C Mask

- Healing Rebalancing Mask

- Soothing Sensitive Mask


20 Minutes

From $35



- Firming Lift & Neck Bust Mask Treatment


20 Minutes

From $35


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