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Feel balanced beauty with our divine selection of relaxation body treatments. Choose from our therapeutic, relaxation body massages and  our specialised back facials!



Swedish Relaxation 


All massages are performed with Swedish, therapeutic techniques to help relax and concentrate on muscle and joint tension.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage  

$70 / 30 Minutes

45 Minute Relaxation Massage      

$90 / 45 Minutes   


Full Body Relaxation Massage       

$120 / 1 Hour

Relax, unwind and let your senses indulge in our beautiful aromatherapy oils.


Slow flow therapeutic massage techniques that will destress,

reenergise and make you feel completely balanced. 


All body treatments are performed using the beautiful and divine Freya's Nourishment & La Clinica Skin & Body Care. 

High luxurious, performance products that caters to all different skin types and conditions.


Perfect for anyone, at any age.

Back Facials

Back Facial​

A deep cleanse treatment, that specifically targets blemishes, oil flow, blockages and acne.

Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, detox mask and back and neck care.

$99 /  45 Minutes


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