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Choose from our extensive range of therapeutic, luxury, high-performance facials from refining microdermabrasion facials treatments to anti-aging glycolic peels.


Balanced Beauty

Signature Facial

Our signature facial is designed to correct the skin, customised to tailor the skin's condition and concerns.

We perform a skin analysis, complete with a double cleanse, exfoliation, beautiful hydrating facial, neck, décolletage and shoulder massage, face and neck mask, eye care and moisturiser.

One Hour & 15 Minutes $145


Rebalancing Vitamin A Facial

Designed to help purify, rebalance and heal the skin. Awakens the skin’s metabolism, stimulating it to clear away toxins and restore natural beauty and glow.

One Hour $155



Facial Treatment

This treatment is a non abrasive skin refining treatment incorporating micro dermabrasion manual exfoliation, 15% glycolic peel and skin refining mask.


Giving the skin maximum exfoliation benefits, fantastic for reducing blemishes, blocked pores, oil flow, uneven skin tone, dry, dehydrated skin.


Allowing fresh, clear, new beautiful soft skin.

One Hour & 15 Minutes $155

GLY C Refine Peel Treatment

Glycolic Acid gently penetrates into the skin, promoting exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Improving skins texture, uneven skin tone, balances the skin and reduces visible fine lines and dehydration.

45 Minutes $115

Anti Ageing Hydra Restore Facial

A beautiful 100% natural hot oil infusion mask treatment, to restore, rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate and stimulate the skin.


This is a luxurious facial treatment that eradicates signs of superficial wrinkles and dehydration. 

Leaving the skin looking younger, healthier, radiant, soft and smooth.

One Hour & 15 Minutes $180


Anti Stress Sensitive Skin Facial

 A natural anti-inflammatory treatment that helps reduce the signs of sensitivity as well as soothe, calm and hydrate.


Ideal for skin that in need of extra special nourishing and replenishing.

One Hour $155

Customised High Performance Masks



Eye & Lip


- Rejuvenating Eye Gel Masks

These eye masks soothes, cools and hydrates the eye area.

Improves dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

- Hydrating  Boosting Lip Masks 

The lip gel masks rehydrates and boosts the lips.

Provides instant plumping, soothes and improves dry lips.

- Eye & Lip Mask Combo

Combined these two together for the ultimate soothing, hydrating, cooling, anti ageing eye and lip treatment.


- Relaxing Anti Ageing Eye Massage & Soothing Lymphatic Rose Quartz Roller.

This sensational eye massage and roller is therapeutic, relaxing, soothing and anti ageing. It helps with reducing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

10 Minutes $10

10 Minutes $10

10 Minutes $15

Save $5

15 Minutes $30





- Removing blocked, clogged pores (blackheads, pimples, white heads) in a hygienic, safe manner, without damaging the skin.

- Milia Extractions


- Removing white hard lumps with a sterile needle. 

15 Minutes $30​

$5 PER Milia Extraction

High Performance Masks

20 Minutes From $35

- Hyaluronic Acid Skin Recovery Mask 

- Age Reversal Enzyme & Vitamin C Mask

- Healing Rebalancing Mask

- Soothing Sensitive Mask


IMG_9705 2.jpg


Peel Treatments provides a deeper exfoliant, removing excess dead skin on a deeper layer.

These gentle and effective peels help with cell turn over, new fresh skin cells, anti ageing, hydrating and brightening. Leaving your skin soft, radiant and clear.


Glycolic Refine Peel

-  Fruit Enzyme Peel

-  Retinol Peel

5 Minutes from $35

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