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Combining beautiful Australian native Muntries and Davidson Plum with long revered rose petals and tremella, this mask is a skin care ritual that will detoxify, calm and hydrate the skin.


This beautiful ritual uses a powerful selection of ingredients to provide stunning results.


Some key features are:

KAOLIN (Australian Pink Clay) 

Detoxifies, tightens pores, brightens the skin



Balances skin tone, exfoliates, calming 


TREMELLA (Snow fungus mushroom)

Skin hydration, elasticity, radiance


MUNTRIES (Australian Emu Apples)

Collagen support, hydration, antioxidants



Anti-inflammatory, regenerating and protecting




Activate one tablespoon of mask with just less than equal parts water or your favourite hydrosol to form a smooth paste. Apply an even layer to your clean, dry face and neck and leave for 10 - 15 minutes (see tips below), no longer. Hold your dampened, hand knitted face cloth over your face to steam the mask slightly to rehydrate it, massaging in while you gently rinse off with warm water. 


Best used twice weekly. Ideal for dry, stressed, mature or sensitive skins. 

Brighten comes in an amber 60g glass jar.  

Brighten - Pink Clay and Rose Petal Mask Ritual Bowl Set

  • Kaolin, Quartz (Australian clay), Rosa centifolia (Rose petal powder)*, Tremella fuciformis (Tremella)*, Kunzea pomifera (Muntries)^, Davidsonia Jerseyana fruit extract (Davidson plum)^, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) powder*, Boswellia serrate gum (Frankincense) powder, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) powder*, Rosa canina fruit extract (Rosehip) powder*, Allantoin (Allantoin), Aloe barbadensisi leaf juice powder (Aloe vera) powder*, Althaea officinalis root (Marshmallow root) powder*



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